The etnies team traveled to Europe, enjoying the warm weather and long days of skating until the sun finally set around 10pm. With Stuttgart, Munich and Innsbruck as the main destinations, the team took in the relaxed culture, took advantage of the endless street spots, stacked clips from morning till night, then ended their days at the Beer Gardens.

The Germanic Tour had it all. Hanging in local shops, ripping demos and local spots, and meeting great people along the way.

Riders: Chris Joslin, Trevor McClung, Matt Berger, Barney Page Nassim Lachhab, Thomas Eckert, Jiri Bulin

“etnies: (GER)MANIC Tour”
Director: Mike Manzoori
Production: Kevin Parrott
Camera Operators: Mike Manzoori & Kevin Parrott
Editor: Mike Manzoori

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